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BADCamp 2014: Caryl’s Highlights

BADCamp is one of the highlights in my Drupal world. It’s like a Drupalcon (Drupal Convention) with lots of people and sessions, but more low key. It’s a great way to meet people and to learn more about Drupal. Here are some of my highlights:

Higher Ed Summit

This was a great chance to learn about the issues facing many of our colleagues at other universities.

How and Why to Patch a Module

Presented by Joshua Turton from Phase2. Delivering a well-organized presentation, Joshua gave great introduction to what patches are and how they are used. A patch is a small bit of code that  can remove and add code in a file. It is through the patching system much of Drupal code development happens.

Drupal 8 Module Development

With Drupal 8 release just on the horizon, this session, presented by Mark Ferree, was a great introduction to new aspects of Drupal 8. My takeaway from this session -- with the integration of Symfony, we’re going to learn a whole new set of terms and concepts including:

  • Routing for things like menus items,

  • MVC (model, view, controller) where:

    • Models represent the objects, or pieces of data

    • Views are the visual representations of models(not like the Drupal module).

    • Controllers do most of the logic, heavy lifting and returning HTML

  • YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) for configuration,

  • Services and dependency injection to provide re-usable functionality,  

  • Plugins to provide reusable code components

  • Annotations in the comment blocks for registering plugins

Links for Mark Ferree's presentation

An Overview of the Drupal 8 Plugin System

This session delved more deeply into the plugin system for Drupal 8. Presented by the always dynamic and well-spoken Joe Shindelar, plugins, according to Joe are used ‘Anytime you need to allow modules to provide additional "things" that implement the same interface but provide distinctly different functionality.‘ One of those things might be providing a new block type.  This session follows Joe’s blog post at:

What were some of your take-aways from BADCamp?