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BADCamp 2014: Joe's Take-aways From the Higher Ed Summit

We’ve got a first timer here! I attended the Higher Ed Summit at my first ever BADCamp this year. I learned about Drupal’s presence on numerous college campuses, software as a service, building tools, project management, and Drupal communities. Here are just a few of my take-aways.

The Drupal community

As a newer member of the larger Drupal community, I found it inspiring and exciting to learn how many people and educational institutions are using Drupal. While my first two-ish months with Stanford Web Services has already opened my eyes to just how powerful of a tool Drupal is and can be, it became even more apparent after hearing individuals from several other schools talk about the different ways Drupal is being used.

I developed a deeper appreciation for the environment in which I get to work each day, as not all campuses have such the strong Drupal community and support resources that we do at Stanford. Continuous formation and growth of a Drupal community is a main focus for many universities.


Web teams (including us here in Stanford Web Services) are using Agile, a method of managing the design and build activities for new product or service development projects. Many teams who aren’t currently employing Agile are interested in exploring it further. Different teams are using it in different ways – ways that work well for them. I think this speaks to the power of Agile.

I have no context for how much Agile was discussed at previous BADCamps, but interest seems to be growing.

Power tools

It’s important to build tools that simplify the process of building websites and that enable people to create great sites without needing a lot of technical knowledge. Continuously exploring new ways of creating, collaborating, editing, and sharing current ways of doing things helps drive the community forward.