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Behat Custom Step Definition: Wait for Batch API to Finish

If you're using Behat and the Drupal Extension, you might find the following code snippet helpful if you want to add a step to wait for batch jobs to finish.

If one of your Behat scenarios kicks off a batch job (e.g., a Feeds import), and you want to wait for that batch job to finish before moving on to the next step, add this step definition in your FeatureContext.php file:

   * Wait until the id="updateprogress" element is gone,
   * or timeout after 3 minutes (180,000 ms).
   * @Given /^I wait for the batch job to finish$/
  public function iWaitForTheBatchJobToFinish() {
    $this->getSession()->wait(180000, 'jQuery("#updateprogress").length === 0');

Then, in your featurename.feature file, you can call this step like so:

When I press the "Save" button
And I wait for the batch job to finish
Then I should see "created"

This will cause the web driver to wait until the batch job is finished (or, more accurately, to wait until there is no longer an id="updateprogress" element on the page), or else timeout after 3 minutes (180000 ms). You can adjust the timeout to whatever you want by changing that 1800000 number. You will have to use the @javascript context in your feature to use this step definition.

(Note that a request to add this step definition to the Behat Drupal Extension has been submitted.)

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I am working with ideavate solutions and use drupal extension. I used this code but its not in working..

Hi John,

I was wondering if you could share which driver you're using for the Behat Drupal Extension (drush or drupal?), as well as the BDE version, with the attached FeatureContext.php.



This is using the drush driver. The sample FeatureContext.php attached to this post is for Behat Drupal Extension v1; BatchContext has been added as its own context in Behat Drupal Extension v3.