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Creating a news item for your website

Want to create a news item for your Stanford Sites? Stanford News feature provides an out of the box solution for displaying news content on your website. This feature contains a content type, fields, a news page layout, and taxonomy. This module is a great replacement for the default Article content type.

Enable Stanford News module for your site

  1. Login to your Stanford Sites website

  2. From the Admin toolbar, click Modules

  3. Filter list by stanford_news

  4. Activate the following modules:

  • Stanford News

  • Stanford News Views (stanford_news_views)

  • Stanford News Administration


  5. Click Save configuration button

  6. From the Admin toolbar, navigate to People and click Permissions

  7. Set News Item permissions for each role

  8. Click Save permissions button


Create Stanford News block for your page

  1. In the admin toolbar, select Structure > Blocks

  2. Search block by View: News  

  3. Select a view, for example: View: News: 2 Item Recent News List Block

  4. Drag the view to assign it to a region

  5. Click on Save blocks

  6. Click on Configure link next to each block to configure the block’s title and visibility settings

  7. Set visibility settings to specify where the news block will appear on your site

  8. Click Save

Create a News item

  1. Login to your site

  2. From the Admin toolbar, navigate to Content > Add content and click News Item

  3. Enter the Title of the news item

  4. Click Add/ Edit External Article Information

  • Enter the Date

  • If available, enter the Source of news item and URL

  5. Select the category to tag the news items with

  6. Add News Image by clicking Add/Edit Image

  7. Upload the Image:

  • Enter optional Credits

  • Enter optional Source Info

  • Enter optional Caption

  8. Enter other news details as needed

  9. Click Save

This is how your news page will look when you're done:

List of news items

The Stanford News module includes a view which displays a list of news items at