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Cynthia's BADCamp Wrap-Up

Better late than never for a BADCamp wrap-up! This year I was able to attend both the Higher Ed Summit on Friday and conference sessions on Saturday at Bay Area Drupal Camp. My personal highlights are below.

Higher Ed Summit

Collaboration Drupal training for researchers

Quinn from UC Berkeley presented some tips for us to train researchers on how to use Drupal.  Drupal installation is a big barrier to overcome. 

  • Researchers just want to focus on their research
  • Drupal terminology is a new language (blocks, menus etc.)
  • Visual components are really helpful at a second meeting
  • Find the right balance and when to present warnings to the client – we don't want to scare them off
  • Want to establish a good workflow in creating the structure correct the first time around
  • Examples are crucial in deciding structure to go forward with (content types and views)

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Jeff from Pantheon shared with a new way of thinking about our University websites.

  • Universities are using websites primarily for marketing
  • Think of websites as a utility like electricity instead of something to build and maintain
  • Take advantage of Pantheon cloud hosting – one less thing to worry about

It was a great to share ideas and be inspired by the work that other folks are doing. 

Things that sparked my interest

  • PP Profile - manipulate images in the WYSIWYG with ckeditor 4
  • Top Shelf Modules - work actively with maintainers to improve code quality, consistency, documentation, support issue queue questions, push patches and set standards which makes contrib better for the Drupal community.