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Drupal permissions based on Workgroups

What happens when the one guy who has access to manage users on your Drupal website leaves? Do you have a team of people that needs to work on the website, but those people change over time? Do they all have a SUNet ID? Take advantage of the Stanford WebAuth Module features and manage access by mapping Stanford workgroups to Drupal roles. 

Learn more about Stanford Workgroups

Set up a Workgroup Role Mapping

  1. Setup Role Mappings.
  2. Verify the WebAuth module is enabled.
  3. From the admin menu bar, navigate to Configuration > WebAuth > Role Mappings
  4. Select the Drupal Role, enter the Workgroup name, then click Add Mapping button.

WebAuth Mappings

Drupal role(s) are assigned automatically to people who log in with WebAuth that are part of an assigned Workgroup.