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Drupal Resources at Stanford

The advent of open source technology brings a whole new world of opportunities previously unaccessible to most people. From general tools like web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, to specific tools such as Audacity for editing audio, and Gimp for image editing. All of these tools are freely available through the internet. Drupal is another such open source technology. Drupal core, along with contributed modules and themes are all freely available through the internet.

What else is remarkable about open source technology is that documentation and training information is also freely available or available at a low cost for these technologies. For a example, provides short informative videos on all these technologies for $25 a month for all you can watch. They also provide a free trial for one month; perfect for quickly getting up to speed on one of these technologies.

The Drupal community also provides a plethora of documentation and training for Drupal. Many of the folks in the Drupal community provide websites with training information. A simple web search on a specific topic will often yeild all the information you need for learning about the latest error message on your site, a contrib module that seems to fulfil a requirement for your site, or a tutorial on how to make a theme work for your site.

Here at Stanford, we're have an number of Drupal resources. Here's a list of some of these resources:

Tech Training: Tech Training has just released a new series for using and building sites with Drupal. Check out the schedule for upcoming Drupal classes.

The User Guide for Stanford Sites: Here you'll find information on requesting and setting up your new Drupal site on Stanford Sites along with a number of step-by-step video tutorials.

Tech Commons: Here you can find an extensive list of Stanford-related Drupal resources. Members of the Stanford Drupal community also contribute posts about using Drupal at Stanford.

Drupaller's Mailing List: The Drupllers mailing list is open to all members of the Stanford Drupal community. You don't need a SUNET ID to join. On this list you can ask your questions and join in other email discussions about Drupal at Stanford.

Online Books: With your SUNET ID you can access Safari's online books for Drupal 7. Here are examples of some of the books you have at your finger tips:

Open source technology has opened the door to learning, growing and contributing. You can often find what you need to know with a couple of key strokes and mouse clicks. Drupal is one of those technologies. We have many resources available, especially here at Stanford.

Did I miss a resource for Drupal at Stanford?

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