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Getting Started on Sites: Creating a New View Mode

Drupal has a couple of standard ways to display content using a Default view or a Teaser view display. Stanford Web Services uses View modes to create multiple image/Field Collection displays and allows the site builder to change how fields will be displayed. 

Enabling View modes on your site

  • From the Modules menu, enable Display Suite and Display Suite UI. If necessary, flush the Menu Cache.
  • Navigate to Structure > Display Suite.
  • Click View modes tab.

Create new View mode

  • Click + Add a view mode.
  • Fill in the Label field.
  • Edit Machine name (if necessary).  Stanford Web Services recommends that you choose your machine names carefully.  Pick a prefix for your organization or use one that is already in use by your organization (e.g., soe_ , gsb_ , etc.).
  • Select Entities for which the view mode will be available.
  • Then click the Save button.


Manage the display of the new view mode

  • From the Display Suite View modes page, click on the Displays tab, then click Manage display for the item you are targeting.
  • Click the Custom display settings horizontal tab, then select the view mode you just created.
  • Click the Save button.
  • The View mode is now available.


  • You can show/hide the field label and show/hide individual fields.
  • Click on the gear and choose from your available Image styles. 
  • Then click the Save button.