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Getting Started on Sites: How to Add a Google Map to your Website - Updated

Google is always improving!  So, here's an update to my last post on how to add a Google map to your website.

Many websites have a "Contact" or "Directions" page that requires a map. You can use Google Maps to create a customized map and embed it on your webpage. 

Creating a Google Map

  1. Log into your Google account.
  2. Navigate to Google Maps.
  3. Enter the location in the search bar and press enter/return on your keyboard.

Share or Embed a Google Map

  1. In the lower right corner of the browser winder, click the gear button and select Share and embed map

  2. You will get a two options, Share link or Embed map.  
  3. To share the map link, select the link and add that to your website so users can click to see a Google map.

  4. To embed the map in your website, click the Embed map tab. Select the iframe code provided by Google.

  5. Go the the webpage where you want to embed a Google Map.
  6. Click the Edit tab.
  7. Be sure the Text format is set to Full HTML. Then in the Body field paste the embed code.