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Getting Started on Sites: Taxonomy Manager

Taxonomy Manager is a simple module designed to easily manage taxonomy terms using a friendly interface.

In this use case, we have a site with several taxonomy vocabularies and I want to add to/edit one of them.

Add terms to an existing taxonomy vocabulary

  1. Enable the Taxomony Manager module.
  2. From Structure > Taxonomy Manager, select the Vocabulary you want to work with.
  3. In the Toolbar, click +Add to add additional terms.
    Taxonomy Manager Toolbar
  4. Add new Terms, one per line then click the +Add button.

Add taxonomy terms

Arrange terms in a particular order

Once I added terms my Article Audience terms looks like this:

Article Audience terms

Select the term you want to move and use the up/down arrows to reorder them.

You can also use the double arrow pointer to nest terms.

Move taxonomy terms

Results look like this:

Move taxonomy terms results

Remember to add this taxonomy field to a content type to categorize your content.  Happy Drupaling!