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Hello, world

In late September 2012, Stanford Web Services (SWS) reached the one year milestone. We took this opportunity to reflect on the past year - our successes, failures and lessons learned - including:

  • We recruited seven top-notch staff and an intern, offering a combined 65 years of web experience.
  • A close collaboration between teams in IT Services and University Communications resulted in the launch of Stanford Sites, a robust Drupal-based content management platform freely available to Stanford departments, groups, and individuals. In nine months, nearly 600 sites were started on the service.
  • SWS worked with clients and partners from all areas of campus on over 27 projects, ranging in scale from vendor consultations to full planning, development, training, and support.

SWS is building a service with empathy for the community we serve: our faculty, students and staff who become our site owners, editors, developers, and visitors. Stanford Sites offers major strides for university websites in supporting accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and a polished, consistent identity. It's off to a great start, and our highly motivated team and valued partners will continue frequent improvements to the platform and our methods for delivery, training and support.

What's next

Now that our second year is underway, SWS goals include:

  • Streamline the basic website development process through features-based development and agile methodology.
  • Grow capacity through augmenting SWS staff and forming strong partnerships with select vendors.
  • Expand Stanford Sites with new reusable features and data integration.
  • Encourage a strong campus web community through events, knowledge-sharing, and training opportunities.
  • Design and develop more websites with clients.

Our goal is simply this: efficient, reliable service and open collaboration with our campus community. With your help, we're on our way.

On behalf of Stanford Web Services, thank you all for your encouragement, support and collaboration. Please drop us a line with your ideas, suggestions, links to your Stanford Site, or questions. We'd love to hear from you!