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Hey BADCamp-ers! Want to work at Stanford?

Are you at BADCamp this weekend? Want to talk about opportunities for web-savvy folks at Stanford?

We want to talk to you, too!

It’s a great time to be working on the web, particularly in Drupal, at Stanford - there are over 100 positions in various fields across the university, and as of right now almost 20 of them involve Drupal. You have a passion for supporting Stanford’s academic mission? We have open positions for project managers, site builders, developers, content strategists, writers, and designers. See all the jobs open at Stanford and search for the right one for you.

A little shout-out for SWS

Our team is partnering with Stanford's top-notch School of Engineering to create new roles and do great work together. We’re looking for amazing people for the following positions:

web project manager to lead custom Drupal development projects with clients as well as select internal projects, including custom module development, upgrades to the popular Stanford Sites platform, and anything else our team can dream up. The perfect role for a seasoned PM who loves agile and thinks Post-It’s and kanban boards are beautiful office decor. Apply for this position on Stanford Careers with job number 63437.

producer/site architect to partner with the web project manager to build excellent Drupal sites hosted on the Stanford Sites platform. The perfect role for someone who loves Drupal, solving problems, building Features, and working with a team. Extra points for someone who loves to share what they're learning with others through our blog and Drupal camps. This gig isn't on the job board just yet; contact SWS to learn more.

John, Zach, Shea, Megan, Cynthia, Caryl, Linnea, and Sara