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Hiding the WebAuth Login Block

Want to hide or move the WebAuth login block on your website? On Stanford Sites the login block is in the left sidebar by default giving the administrator easy access to log in and make changes to their website. As an administrator you have the option to move this block to a different region or completely hide it.  Let's talk about both options and their ramifications.

If you have multiple people collaborating on your site, you may choose to keep the WebAuth Authentication block visible somewhere on the page.

If you are the only person who needs to make changes to the website or you do not want to give anonymous visitors the option to log in, you can choose to hide the WebAuth Authentication block.  You can still log in via WebAuth just go the the URL and add /user to access the log in screen. For example: Go to and change the path to  You will see the User account page where you can click on the Log in with WebAuth link.

User account log in screen

Move or hide the WebAuth Login block

  1. Click the Log in with WebAuth.
  2. From the Admin menu bar, navigate to Structure > Blocks.
  3. Locate the WebAuth Authentication block in the First sidebar region.
  4. Use the double-pointed arrow to drag this block to another region or use the drop-down list to select a region. To hide the block, select - None - from the drop-down list or drag it to the Disabled section.
  5. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save blocks.

WebAuth Authentication