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How to restrict content access

Need to restrict access to some content on your site? With the Content Access module, you can control viewing, editing, deleting permissions on your site by specific content types. Here's how to set it up.

Content access control by content type

  1. Log in to your website.
  2. From the admin menu, navigate to Modules.
  3. Enable the Content Access module.
  4. Rebuild permissions - this may take awhile.
  5. From Structure > Content types > Edit the specific content type you want to control.
  6. Click on the access control tab.

You can select the view, edit, and delete permissions based on the user role.

Role based access control settings

Content access control by content node

Optionally you can enable per content node access control settings. If enabled, a new tab for the content access settings appears when viewing content. You have to configure permission to access these settings at the permissions page.

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to protect.
  2. Click the Access Control tab at the top of the content area.
  3. In Role Based Access Control Settings > View any stanford_page content, uncheck anonymous user.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Double check the success of WebAuth protection by viewing the page in another browser.