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How to tell Google about your Stanford Sites website

You've put time into creating your Stanford Sites website, so you'll probably want Google (and other search engines) to know about it. One of the ways to get this done is by submitting your website sitemap. This blog post will walk you through how to claim ownership of your Stanford Sites website, then submit the website to Google for indexing. 

This process works best if you have two tabs or windows open. One for working with Google, the other for working on your website.

Part 1: Get your verification code from Google

Step 1: Go to Google Webmasters tools and click Search Console

Step 2: Click Add A Property

Step 3: Enter your URL

Step 4: Select the Alternate Methods tab (see below image)

Step 5: Click HTML tag

Step 6: Highlight and copy the ID inside content=" " (see below). In this example it's I0sOm_SqSBOzB_xEisS2NDkn7hCI0gSLERTRfTiK7LI. 


Part 2: Apply your verification code to your Stanford Sites website

Step 1: Log into your Stanford Sites website

Step 2: Enable the Site Verification module (more info on this Module)

Step 3: Go to Configuration > Search  > Verifications (or: admin/config/search/verifications in your URL)

Step 4: Click Add Verification

Step 5: Select Google from the dropdown menu, then Next

Step 6: Paste the verification code from Part 1 into the Verification META tag field

Part 3: Verify your site

Step 1: Return to Google Webmaster tools where you first copied the verification code

Step 2: Click Verify

Part 4: Submit your sitemap

The Search Console allows you to see which pages of your site have been indexed. You can also request that your site be indexed. Check out the Sitemaps report to learn more.

Did it work?

Good question! Hopefully? Check out the Index Status report to find out. 

How many people are visiting your website? Which pages are the most popular? 

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