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Lessons Learned from 2+ Years of Using Behat

At the 2017 Stanford Drupal Camp, I facilitated a conversation about "Lessons Learned from 2+ Years Using Behat".

Thanks to Kellie Brownell, Caryl Westerberg, and many others in SWS for their work that made this possible, and to Shawn DeArmond from UC Davis for his contributions to the conversation.

(Slides and associated links are available here.)


Am I incorrect that the Page Object Model is not utilized? If so, where are the POMs defined? If not, why?

I generate the POM dynamically using a Chrome Extension. Unfortunately it's a static representation - interactions w/ the page change the "locator" as elements are "disabled", for example. Now, the element is "disabled", and then later, the element is not "disabled".

Thanks for publishing this presentation - it's difficult to find such insights!



Sorry for my english... I work for a french university, and I would like to use behat for our Drupal sites. I have a question, how do you display and use, all the behat results ?