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Site Retired

As of May, 2022, this website is no longer updated and has been replaced with a static copy.

Making menu links visible for all users

You have created a page that is restricted to Stanford only users logged in with their SUNet ID and placed that page in the menu. After logging out of your site, you noticed that the link is gone! Would you like to make your menu links visible to all users even though the content is restricted? Always Visible module can help you do that!

Always Visible module allows users with a site administrator or site owner role to override menu item visibility. Always visible allows the menu items to always show up even though the content is restricted. This means that the menu items that would normally be inaccessible, are made visible to anonymous users. When an anonymous visitor tries to access the link, they are prompted to login via WebAuth to see the content.

Enable Always Visible module

  1. Log in as administrator

  2. From the admin menu bar, go to Modules

  3. Filter the modules list by entering always_visible

  4. Enable the module


   5. Click the Save configurations button

Making menu items visible

  1. Navigate to Site Actions

  2. Select Main menu

  3. Select the menu item you want to make visible and click edit


  4. Check Always show this menu


  5. Click Save

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