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Module of the Day: Stanford Events Importer

Stanford Events is Stanford University's central calendar. It's widely used by departments, organizations, and student groups to promote events to the public and members of our campus community, and it provides a valuable resource for planning and scheduling. The challenge is cross-promoting events. In the past, sharing events content across multiple websites required re-typing. Ouch! We'll show you how to use the Stanford Events Importer module to save time and cross-promote events from multiple organizations.

The Stanford Events Importer module was designed to help organizations import their public events from Stanford Events into their Drupal website. Recently Stanford Events was updated with two new types of events feeds

  • unlisted
  • bookmarked

These great new feeds make it easier for organizations to post their own events on the Stanford Events website and share them with via their website, or to hand-select others' events from the calendar to cross-promote on their website.

Next, the Stanford Events Importer module was updated to support the new event feeds, making it even easier to import and display events on a Drupal website.

As an event administrator you can: 

  • post all your events on Stanford Events as either public or unlisted
  • use the planning calendar to identify upcoming events and potentially any events that may interfere with your event
  • import events for your website filtered by type, subject, organization, etc. through your organization's unlisted and bookmarked feeds

Here's how it works:

Adding Events to Stanford Events

To create a feed and add your events to Stanford Events you'll need to request an account at Once you have an account, login and select Add New Event on the Calendar Admin - Main Page.

How to add a new event

Types of events on Stanford Events

When you add an event to Stanford Events you choose the status of an event, and that influences whether the event will be visible on the main calendar and which feeds you use to import them into your website.

Published events

A published event displays on the central event calendar and will belong to the published feeds for your organization and any sponsor organizations.

How to select a published event

Unlisted events

Unlisted events do not display on the central event calendar.  This allows organizations to create events on Stanford Events that are not exposed to the public, but are still available:

  • on the planning calendar
  • to sponsors
  • on the organizations's Unlisted feed

To add your event to your organization's unlisted feed, select Unlisted as the status of your feed.

Bookmarking events

Bookmarks allow you to select any event on Stanford Events and add them to your Bookmarks feed. When you want an event to appear in your bookmarked feed, you would copy the URL and add it to the bookmarks for your organization.

Importing Stanford Events

Stanford Web Services (SWS) developed the Stanford Events Importer module to support importing published, unlisted, and bookmarked events. Special thanks to our colleagues in University Communications, VPGE, and the Department of Classics for their help in implementing and testing this module.

To import Stanford Events into your Drupal website:

  1. Log into your site
  2. Enable Events Importer on the Modules page
  3. Navigate to the add Stanford Event Importer page at

    Content > Add Content > Stanford Event Importer

  4. Give your Importer a title such as "Stanford Toastmasters Published"
  5. Select your organization, i.e. "Stanford Toastmasters"

  6. Select the Event Type for this feed, i.e. "Published"

    Select published Event Type

  7. Save your new event importer. When first saving your event importer, it will automatically import the events from Stanford Events. 
  8. Navigate to the events page, and you should have events!

Look we have events!


Embedding a Stanford Event RSS Feed

To embed an RSS Feed onto your site, you can follow this guide from the Stanford Events site.

Tip of the day

If you just added events to your feed, you may need to wait a day for Stanford Events to update.

Our goal is to connect systems in smart ways and make content maintenance just a little easier for website owners. Let us know what you think about the new events calendar and module changes!