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My Summer at Stanford Web Services

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with the fantastic Stanford Web Services team. In doing so, I gained an understanding of the methodologies involved in the development of modern websites.

My role at SWS included building website architecture, migrating content, writing content tests, and attending project management sessions. Over the course of the summer I delved into the world of JIRA, Agile, Git, Github, Drupal, Slack, and many more industry tools. I assisted in multiple large-scale, ongoing projects for the Stanford community.

At the end of September, I will be going into my fourth year at UC Santa Cruz. My major is Technology and Information Management, a multidisciplinary major encompassing computer science, economics, and project management. Interning at Stanford Web Services gave me a great glimpse into the process of development and management that a web team undertakes.

The environment at Stanford Web Services is both engaging and enjoyable. The team is friendly, collaborative, and always willing to help one another. I have greatly enjoyed my time at SWS and am eager to see the work that they will go on to produce.