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Site Retired

As of May, 2022, this website is no longer updated and has been replaced with a static copy.

New Modules on Stanford Sites, September 2016

As part of the Summer 2016 updates to Stanford Sites, we recently added several new modules that bring enhanced features and functionality to all users of the Stanford Sites service. This post is a highlight of the new modules added; detailed posts on several of them will follow.

New Modules Added


NoBots is a lightweight way of hiding your site from (well-behaved) search engine robots. It is a drop-in replacement for the (soon-to-be-deprecated) Stanford MetaTag NoBots module.

Stanford Event Series

Stanford Event Series integrates with the Stanford Events Importer to allow site builders to create collections of events.

Stanford Gallery

Stanford Gallery integrates with the Colorbox Drupal module and Javascript library to allow site builders to create lightweight, accessible image galleries.

Stanford Landing Page

Stanford Landing Page provides a content type that supports dynamic layouts on a single page. With multiple view modes, site builders can choose which layout they want to use on a per-node basis. Included view modes are:

  • List
  • Blocks
  • Cards

Stanford News

Stanford News provides an out-of-the-box solution for displaying news content on your website. This Feature contains a content type, a news page layout, and taxonomy. This module is a great replacement for the default Article content type.

Stanford Publication

Stanford Publication is a set of Features for highlighting publications on your website. Included in this feature is a content type, a set of fields, and a collection of views for displaying and listing the publication content. It is a lighter-weight alternative to the Biblio module.

All Modules on Stanford Sites

A full list of all modules on Stanford Sites is available at

Contributing Back to the Stanford Community

All of the above modules were originally developed as part of the Stanford Sites Jumpstart suite of products, and are now being made available for free to members of the Stanford community. We would like thank all of Stanford Web Services' clients for supporting the development of these enhancements.