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New releases for Stanford Drupal themes, March 2015

We are excited to announce the upcoming March release of our updated mobile-responsive Drupal themes:

  • Stanford Framework 7.x-3.0 (major version release) *

  • Open Framework 7.x-2.3

* Stanford-branded themes are available by request for official university group and department websites.

How to receive updates

For websites hosted on Stanford Sites: updated themes will be rolled out over March 20-22, 2015. If your website is on Stanford Sites, and is using an earlier version of one of these themes, the updated theme will be enabled automatically.

For websites hosted elsewhere: themes will be available for download March 20, 2015. To download the latest theme versions, visit

To see demos and request use of a Stanford-branded theme, visit


Below are improvements made to the themes since the last release (September 2014).

Stanford Framework 7.x-3.0 (major version release)

New functionality

The newest version of Stanford Framework includes several new theme options that greatly expand functionality of the theme:

  • The ability to choose from seven different color palettes and three font theme options (all fitting the Stanford identity guidelines but allowing for easier customization of the look-and-feel)
  • The ability to select Wilbur and Jordan as theme options (instead of requiring an additional subtheme)
  • A theme option to add a responsive header background image, and sub-options to make the background image fill the entire page background on the homepage for greater impact, and a sub-setting for choosing light or dark text color to contrast with your background image.

Accessibility improvements

  • Fixed empty button element in "hamburger" menu
  • Fixed accessibility and color contrast issues with custom theme option settings combinations

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a myriad of bugs related to layout, theme options, page templates

Style/Cross-browser improvements

  • Fixed IE8 issues
  • Tweaked table, block, pager, image, sidebar, menu, dropdowns, and calendar styles
  • Updated style guide examples in style-guide-examples.html

Theme Settings page improvements

  • Re-organized theme settings page, collapsing fieldsets and adding conditional fields based on style options
  • Added thumbnail images for previewing the custom theme option styles

Code improvements

  • Added allowance for overriding theme settings by refactoring template code
  • Refactored SASS files for managing  theme option styles


Open Framework 7.x-2.3

New functionality

  • Added theme option to select Font Awesome 4.3.0 or 3.2.1

Accessibility improvements

  • Fixed empty button element in "hamburger" menu

Bug fixing

  • Added missing body classes for body background image theme option

Style/Cross-browser improvements

  • Moved body related theme options styles from html.tpl.php to template.php


Have a question or concern?

Stanford Web Services creates and centrally maintains Stanford’s Drupal themes. If you have any questions, please file a HelpSU request at, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We're excited to bring these new theme developments and improvements to the community. Thanks to everyone who has submitted ideas and bugs over the past six months. We appreciate your support!




On the Open Framework site (, the latest version listed on the downloads page is 2.1. You have to follow the link to GitHub at the bottom of the downloads page to get later releases.

Hi Sharon!

Thanks for your comment.

There's an announcement about the release of Open Framework 7.x-2.3 in the News block at the bottom of the Open Framework page at, which links to the latest release in GitHub.


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