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New releases for Stanford Drupal themes, September 2014

We are excited to announce the upcoming September release of our updated mobile-responsive Drupal themes:

  • Open Framework 7.x-2.1
  • Stanford Framework 7.x-2.2 *
  • Stanford Wilbur 7.x-2.1 *
  • Stanford Jordan 7.x-2.1 *
  • Stanford Modern 7.x-1.6 and 6.x-1.6 *
  • Stanford Light 7.x-1.1 (New!)
  • Stanford Basic 7.x-1.5 and 6.x-1.5

* Stanford-branded themes are available by request for official university group and department websites.

For websites hosted on Stanford Sites: updated themes will be rolled out over September 5-7, 2014. If your website is on Stanford Sites, and is using an earlier version of one of these themes, the updated theme will be enabled automatically.

For websites hosted elsewhere: themes will be available for download September 5, 2014. To download the latest theme versions, visit

To see demos and request use of a Stanford-branded theme, visit


Below are improvements made to the themes since the last release (October 2013).

Open Framework 7.x-2.1

Accessibility improvements

  • Pointed skip links to correct region
  • Improved mobile navigation button
  • Fixed focus visibility on form-submit buttons
  • Added IE support for search box placeholder value

New functionality

  • Added .visually-hidden class
  • Added .views-row-lines class
  • Added responsive views-grid classes
  • Made equal column height class dynamic on window resize
  • Added site login block region
  • Changed CSS to be output from SASS files

Bug fixing

  • Fixed missing region from subtheme starter kit
  • Added project variable to .info to fix undefined index error on update status page
  • Removed check for $body contents in node.tpl.php
  • Updated header section display

Updated packages

  • No packages were updated in this release. (e.g. Bootstrap, Font Awesome)

Style/Cross-browser improvements

  • Added IE 7 support for postcard layouts
  • Updated more-link to use CSS instead of image
  • Updated vendor prefixes in CSS
  • Tweaks to margins and padding on regions and blocks
  • Removed Bootstrap transparent background print style
  • Updated mobile display of float-left and float-right classes
  • Added line-height and margins to field labels
  • Updated postcard styles to be more robust
  • Removed duplicate nested container div in navbar region

Stanford Framework 7.x-2.2

Accessibility improvements

  • Pointed skip links to correct region
  • Added focus indicators to links in global brand bars
  • Made main menu "hamburger" button keyboard accessible

Bug fixing

  • Added project variable to .info to fix undefined index error on update status page
  • Removed duplicate nested container div in navbar region
  • Updated header section display so blocks in header region don't show up between first and second line of site title

Stanford Identity style/template improvements

  • Updated global footer to reflect current links and styles in Stanford identity toolkit, including the new Emergency Contact link
  • Adjusted site title lockup styles to more accurately match Stanford identity guidelines
  • Updated Stanford favicon
  • Hardcoding font styles in global brand bars

General Style/Cross-browser improvements

  • Adjusted styles in sidebar menus
  • Fix banner overlay styles
  • Added style overrides for Stanford Carousel feature
  • Updated font-family in Admin Shortcuts region for cross-browser compatibility
  • Added color override for .views-row-lines class
  • Added custom blockquote style
  • Added responsive styles for global footer at smallest breakpoint
  • Removed Bootstrap blue color from links and pills in focus state
  • Added red button styles and arrow button styles
  • Updated .more-link style to use CSS not image
  • Removed site title font size change at tablet breakpoint
  • Added header section class for header table display
  • Fixed premature wrapping of name and slogan in Chrome
  • Updated margins on regions and blocks

Stanford Wilbur 7.x-2.1

  • Tweaked breadcrumb styles (removed left margin, updated color)

Stanford Jordan 7.x-2.1

  • Removed unnecessary positioning classes
  • Adjusted spacing in dropdown menus

Stanford Modern 7.x-1.6 and 6.x-1.6

  • Updated links and copyright text in global footer

Stanford Light 7.x-1.1

  • Initial release

Stanford Basic 7.x-1.5 and 6.x-1.5

  • Added terms of use

Have a question or concern?

Stanford Web Services creates and centrally maintains Stanford’s Drupal themes. If you have any questions, please file a HelpSU request at, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We're excited to bring these new theme developments and improvements to Stanford. Thanks to everyone who has submitted ideas and bugs in the past year. We appreciate your support!



What is the timing of integration with Bootstrap 3 for the Open Framework theme?

We have created an Open Framework 7.x-3.x branch that includes Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4 integration.  Try it out and let us know if you encounter any bugs.