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Site Retired

As of May, 2022, this website is no longer updated and has been replaced with a static copy.

Redirecting Links From an Old Page to a New Page

Websites often link to pages on other websites – this is a great way to refer to relevant information from your site. However, problems arise when a page that people are linking to moves to a new URL in your site or elsewhere. The link that once worked is now broken.

When a URL changes on your site, Drupal’s Redirect module helps you manage these these broken links with redirects. Now when you move a page you can use the Redirect module to redirect an old, non-functioning URL to a new URL.

  1. Start by enabling the Redirect module on the modules page (admin/modules)

  2. Navigate to the redirects page at Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL Redirects > (admin/config/search/redirect)

  3. To add a redirect click on the Add redirect link.  
  4. Add the old URL as the From. This is an internal link that you want to work, but doesn't (e.g., purple-monkey-dishwasher).
  5. Add the new URL as the To. This is the URL you want the From link to redirect to. Note that the To URL can be either internal or external (e.g., blog/redirecting-links-old-page-new-page or
  6. Select Save.

Check it out! Navigate to the “From” URL (e.g., purple-monkey-dishwasher) and check that it redirects to the "To" URL.