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Sites Superstar: Global Energy Forum

The inaugural 2018 Stanford Global Energy Forum website stands out as a Stanford Sites superstar. The forum is coming up in November 2018 and will gather thought leaders and decision makers from the private sector, government, academia, non-profits and media to engage in strategic and balanced dialogue about the Future of Energy.

I think this is a such an eye-catching website. It features rich imagery, colorful accents, and a modern design to spread the excitement and inform potential attendees.


Check out the subtle transition as you hover over the host’s pictures on the homepage.

This is achieved through styling on the host photos using the CSS injector:

.honorary-hosts-photo img { border-radius: 50%; transition-duration: .9s; transition-property: transform; }

.honorary-hosts-photo img:hover { transform: scale(.95); -webkit-transform: scale(.95); }


Learn more about CSS injector on our blog and the transform property on W3Schools.

To make the whole website shine they’re leveraging the Stanford Framework theme, CSS injector, block views of custom content types, and so much more.  This website is a great example of how to use Stanford Sites for events, like forums and conferences. Well done!!


Visit the Stanford Global Energy Forum website

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