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Stanford Events Series module

Do you have a collection of ongoing related events? Try the Event Series module to collect events onto a single page and display upcoming and past events.

Stanford Event Series joined Stanford Sites during the Summer 2016 Updates. Previously it was only available to our Jumpstart clients, but high demand for this functionality on Stanford Sites, combined with our commitment to contributing back to the greater community brought this module to sites created on Stanford Sites.

Stanford Event Series requires the Stanford Events module. It uses the Context module to place event blocks on the event series nodes to display upcoming and past events. You can provide details and background information about the event series, such as the topics covered, speakers to expect, when the events are usually held (e.g. every third Thursday of the month), and other helpful information that applies to all of the events hosted in that series (like if there will be donuts provided at every event. Everyone loves donuts.)

Add Stanford Event Series to your site

  1. Log into your Stanford Sites site.

  2. In the Admin toolbar, select Modules.

  3. Filter by ‘event series’.

  4. Select the following modules:

  • Stanford Event Series

  • Stanford Event Series Administration

  • Stanford Event Series Context

  • Stanford Event Series Event List View

  • Stanford Event Series Event Short list View

  • Stanford Event Series List View


  5. Click the Save configuration button.

  6. Your site will prompt you to enable other required modules, if they have not already been enabled.

  7. In the Admin toolbar, go to People > Permissions.

  8. Make sure everyone that needs access to event series actions has them.

Create an Event Series

  1. In the Admin toolbar, select Content > Add Content > Stanford Event Series.

  2. In the Menu Settings tab you can add this event series to the menu structure of your site, or not. For example, sometimes it is helpful to nest under /events.

  3. Click the Save button.

That was easy. Now what?

Now, we need to select which events belong together in an event series

  1. In the Admin toolbar, select Content.

  2. Filter by type: ‘Stanford Event’ and click Apply.

  3. Click edit on an event.

  4. Select the event series title from the checkbox list titled “Event Series” (toward the bottom of the edit node form.)


  5. Click the Save button.

What if I want to see a list of all my event series on one page?

We have a view for that! You can use the event series list view by going to

Check out an example event series list view here »