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Site Retired

As of May, 2022, this website is no longer updated and has been replaced with a static copy.

Stanford Feature: Content Status

If you need an easy workflow solution for publishing content only after  it has been vetted and approved, then the Content Status Feature may be a great solution for you!

Content Status is a module created by Stanford Web Services that implements an easy way to identify the status of your pages as approved, in review or placeholder content. 

Currently this module is only available for Drupal sites in using the Collaboration Tools Installer and Drupal sites in AFS.  This module is proposed for the stack of core modules.

This feature includes a Content Status field that is added to the Basic Page.  When a new Basic Page is created the webform will include a Content Status field where you can check the stage of the content as approved, in review or placeholder content.  An administrative view is also created that allows you to see all your pages and its status.  The site administrator can select specific pages that have been approved and perform a bulk operation function to change the page from unpublished to published content.

This field can also be added to other Content Types on your Drupal site that you want to track.

The Content Status Feature is available to download from the Drupal Features catalog.