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Stanford Sites Updates, December 2016

University IT will be rolling out a round of updates December 6th through 9th to all websites hosted on Stanford Sites.  Updates start around 10PM Pacific and usually wrap up around 4AM, during which time your site may be unavailable for approximately 1 minute.  If you have questions or experience issues with your Stanford Site, please contact us through University IT's new Services Portal at:

Tuesday, December 6th (10PM through 4AM December 7th): Personal websites hosted on Stanford Sites (at
Wednesday, December 7th (10PM through 4AM December 8th): Group and department sites hosted on Stanford Sites (at
Thursday, December 8th (10PM through 4AM December 9th): Group and department sites hosted on Stanford Sites (at; Also, personal, group, and department development sites (at and
Updates are a valuable part of the Stanford Sites service.  Regular updates ensure that your site remains secure over time and continues to benefit from the latest community contributions.  This round of updates primarily features security updates and bug fixes unlikely to affect the public appearance of your site.  The updates are also not expected to change the experience of using your site as an owner and editor.  The list below includes which modules we’ll be updating and examples of what might change on your site.
Before pushing updates live, we run through over 1,624 different tasks to be sure critical functionality still works.  However, if you encounter any issues following these updates, please contact us through University IT’s new Services Portal at:  We’re happy to help make it better.
The modules we plan to update include:

Security updates

  • Views Data Export - Security update and bug fix related to exporting data in batches. (7.x-3.1)
  • Workbench Moderation - Security update to prevent content in review from being visible in Views, or lists. This only happened when the content status, ie. draft, changed at the exact time a View or list refreshed. (7.x-3.0)

Bug fixes

  • Auto Nodetitle - An empty token field will no longer display the token string, ie. [node:field-name:value].  Instead, it will display an empty string. (Patch)
  • Display Suite - Vertical tabs and field groups can now be placed in custom regions.  Previously, fields could display in custom regions but not their groupings. (Patch) 
  • Drupal - Improvements to error and log messages.  (7.51)
  • Field Permissions - Code cleanup, improvements to error messages, and deleting permissions after deleting field. (7.x-1.0)
  • Flag - Flag Bookmark will now install and enable without an error message about the module being out of place. (7.x-3.9)
  • Menu Attributes - Small redesign of menu link attributes setting. (7.x-1.0)
  • Node Form Columns - Domain Access settings now available in Manage Form tab of Node Form Columns. (7.x-1.1)
  • Rubik - Bug fixes related to padding and admin experience. (7.x-4.4) 
  • Webform - Improvements to help text, especially around improving security with hidden fields. (7.x-4.14)

Feature improvements

  • JW Player - Adds support for cloud-hosted skins, account tokens, and better install instrucutions. (7.x-1.0-beta2)
  • Stanford Landing Page - Gives admins the ability to set a pathauto pattern and improving help text. (7.x-1.4)
  • Stanford Feeds Helper - Gives admins the ability to set import limits and protect against duplicates. (7.x-1.2)
  • New Maintenance Page - During server maintenance, site visitors will now see a Stanford branded maintenance page with information on where to go for updates and help.

New modules

  • Token Tweaks - Gives admins more token options, solves out-of-memory errors, and improves performance. (7.x-1.x-dev)
  • Drafty - Now required by Workbench Moderation.  This module improves handling of drafts and content revisions. (7.x-1.0-beta3)
If you would like to suggest additional modules to be added to the list of modules currently available on Stanford Sites, please contact us through University IT’s new Services Portal at:



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