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Stanford Sites Updates, May 2013

On Tuesday, May 7th, 2013, IT Services will perform quarterly software updates on Stanford Sites. Updates will include:

Drupal Security Updates

Drupal 7

  • drupal-7.19

Drupal 6

  • drupal-6.28
  • date-6.x-2.9
  • email-6.x-1.4
  • ctools-6.x-1.10
  • nodewords-6.x-1.14
  • print-6.x-1.18
  • taxonomy_manager-6.x-2.3
  • webform-6.x-3.18

These updates are "Part Two" of the April quarterly updates.

(Note: for performance reasons, the Drupal 6 updates were split out and scheduled for a later date.)