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Site Retired

As of May, 2022, this website is no longer updated and has been replaced with a static copy.

Stanford Sites Updates, May/June 2017

Websites on and will be receiving updates from May 30 to June 1. University IT will be updating Drupal modules to maintain the security of all websites on Stanford Sites and ensure everyone continues to benefit from the latest community contributions. Updates start around 10PM Pacific and usually wrap up around 4AM, during which time your site may be unavailable for approximately 1 minute. If you have questions or experience issues with your Stanford Sites website, please contact us by submitting a request through University IT's Services Portal.


  • May 30th (10PM to 4AM May 31st): Personal websites hosted on Stanford Sites (at
  • May 31st (10PM to 4AM June 1st): Group and department sites hosted on Stanford Sites (at
  • June 1st (10PM to 4AM June 2nd): Group and department sites hosted on Stanford Sites (at; Also, personal, group, and department development sites (at and

Included Updates

Security Updates

  • Metatag: Security update to better protect cached page titles, adds a new icon field related to mobile icons, and bug fixes related to workbench integration. (7.x-1.21)

  • Site_verify: Security update to better protect integration with external search engines. (7.x-1.2)

  • Views: Security update to better protect taxonomy terms not intended for public view. (7.x-3.16)

Bug fixes

  • Stanford_capx: CAPx sometimes imports a lot of data.  This update should reduce the chances of hitting an "out of memory error." (7.x-2.2-alpha2-php54)

  • Better_exposed_filters: Allows for filters to take effect without having to click submit, along with a number of bug fixes and test improvements. (7.x-3.4)

  • Jw_player: Fix bug so that JW Player can now be used with MySQL 5.7. (Patch)

  • Token: Fix bug so that token can now be used with PHP 7.1. (7.x-1.7)

Feature improvements

  • Colorbox: Image title and alt attributes can now be added to popup images, in addition to bug fixes that should not affect functionality. (7.x-2.13)

  • Field_collection: New support for field translations, and a bug fix that now deletes the path alias associated with deleted content. (7.x-1.0-beta12)

  • Social_share: Backend improvements related to settings options and module listing page. (7.x-2.5)

  • Stanford_events_importer: Added dedicated past-events importer, added a speaker field, and additional checks for better data integrity. (7.x-3.6)

  • Stanford_feeds_helper: When setting up mapping, you should now see the actual field name for target string. (7.x-1.2+5-dev)

  • Stanford_sites_helper: Update links for additional support to Stanford's new ServiceNow portal. (7.x-1.7)

  • Stanford-Drupal-Profile: We use this profile to install new sites and now enable by default modules like stanford_date_formats. (7.x-2.5)

  • Stanford_image_styles: Default images styles will now include hires options for clearer display on retina screens.

New modules

  • Paragraphs: Paragraphs is a relatively new (and much beloved) page building tool that allows editors to stack different design elements on a page. (7.x-1.0-rc5)

  • Hires_images: You can now upload an image of dramatically higher quality (or larger size) for retina screens and this module will still display smaller versions of the same image for non-retina screens. (7.x-1.10)