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The SWS team is growing!

Stanford Web Services is growing again! In the not-quite-three years since SWS first opened its doors, the service we support now hosts over 1,000 websites, and our team of 8 has launched over 50 new Drupal websites and provided web strategy on over 20 vendor-led projects in partnership with schools, departments and groups of all sizes. It’s time to add to our team and get everyone on board and ready to go before the new school year begins in September.

Of course, Drupal is a hot commodity right now, and there are a lot of Drupal jobs available out there.

Why would someone choose Stanford over those other opportunities?

First, we love Drupal at Stanford. We love it like some people love coffee (although to be fair, we love our coffee, too.) Stanford is an Institutional Member of the Drupal Association. We host the annual Stanford Drupal Camp; going into its sixth (!) year, this 2-day event is free, open to the community, and an excellent place to collaborate with other Drupallers on campus and beyond. Also, we encourage an incredibly active Drupallers’ community where folks at all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to collaborate. And of course, we offer on-campus training classes, host hackathons, and support the wonderful and energizing BADCamp.

Maybe you like Drupal, but your heart really goes pitter-pat over agile, content strategy, graphic design or user experience? Great! We love all that, too, and we have active communities of practice for each.

Next, it’s a great time to be working on the web, particularly in Drupal, at Stanford - there are over 100 positions in various fields across the university, and as of right now almost 20 of them involve Drupal. You have a passion for supporting Stanford’s academic mission? Check out the web developer/front-end engineer job with the Stanford University Libraries. You’re an amazing storyteller with great design and multimedia skills? Try the digital producer/designer position with our good friends in the Office of Public Affairs. Have a heart for content strategy and social media? Definitely check out the web content manager position with our School of Engineering. See all the jobs open at Stanford and search for the right one for you.

Finally, Stanford is just an amazing place to work. We have a stunning campus, excellent benefits, great people, and a commitment to an environment where you can balance your real life and your work life (that office stuff between 9 am and 5 pm, or whatever time and place works for you.)

A little shout-out for SWS

If all that is sounding good, consider joining the Stanford Web Services team. We’re growing to serve our clients and community better and Build All the Things!

We’re looking for amazing people for the following brand-new positions:

customer experience specialist to provide fast, efficient and friendly help to those faculty, staff and students managing Drupal sites hosted on the Stanford Sites platform. The perfect role for someone who loves Drupal, solving problems, working with a team, and writing excellent tutorials and help text. Extra points for someone who loves social media and can hold their own with our blog and Twitter feed! Find this gig on Stanford Careers with job number 63109.

web project manager to lead custom Drupal development projects with clients as well as select internal projects, including custom module development, upgrades to the popular Stanford Sites platform, and anything else our team can dream up. The perfect role for a seasoned PM who loves agile and thinks Post-It’s and kanban boards are beautiful office decor. Apply for this position on Stanford Careers with job number 63437.

John, Zach, Shea, Megan, Cynthia, Caryl, Linnea, and Sara