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Top 6 things to do while your cache clears on its own

Caches are a great tool, they store your website's database and code information in a way that loads much faster. But they DO mean that your changes don't appear right away.

Where are my changes?

One of the things we here at Stanford Web Services get emailed about most frequently is, "Why did my changes disappear when I logged out?" The answer is that the site caches haven't yet been updated, but they will if we wait a little bit (sometimes a few hours or so).

I'll admit, I struggle with the idea that we need to wait for changes to appear. I click the "clear site caches" link all the time to make my changes go live immediately. It's so satisfying! This is the digital age and we want our changes right now.

But then here's what happens: every page on the site loads WAY slower for the next visitors, and sometimes hiccups appear. For example, I've seen styles disappear for a minute or two. Caches are great, and we put them in place for a reason. So, I'm going to propose this list of other things to do while my site caches clear on their own. My mid-year's resolution will be to do these instead of clearing the caches manually. Join me!

Top 6 things to do while your cache clears

In the spirit of Buzzfeed, here are the top 6 things I'm going to do next time I want to clear the caches to make my edits appear on a website immediately.

6. Monterey Bay Penguin Cam - Watch some cute penguins

Screenshot of Penguin Cam


5. Tech briefings - Attend a tech briefing (or watch a video)

Screenshot of Tech briefings website


4. Be Well - Attend a Be Well workshop on stress, nutrition, forgiveness

photo of someone meditating that links to Be Well program They're kind of like this. :)


3. Lumosity - Brain train with these fun games

Lumosity logo


2. Events.stanford - Attend a lecture or visit an art exhibition

Image of Stanford Powwow dancers Stanford Powwow is an excellent option, if it's going on.


1. Pick fruit - Check out this map of fruit trees on Stanford campus

Closeup photo of oranges