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Using Stanford Feeds for easier content maintenance

Would you like to display courses on your website? How about events or links to people profiles? The Stanford community provides a variety of web feeds which provide data or content that your Drupal website can leverage. 

Frequently the content you need on your website is already published on another website. Rather than adding this content manually to your website, you can use a web feed to import this published content from the source website and display it on your website. 

What is a web feed?

A web feed, such as an RSS or Atom feed, is content that is published on a website in a machine-readable format that can be downloaded by an application such as a feed-reader or another website. These feeds use EXtensible Markup Language (XML) to encode the data. You can identify a page with a web feed when it displays the following icon:

Example of an RSS feed icon

What Stanford feeds can I use on my site?

The Stanford community produces numerous feeds. At Stanford Web Services we are supporting the import of data from three feeds in particular:

  • Stanford Event Calendar
  • Explore Courses
  • CAP (Community Academic Profiles)

Stanford Event Calendar

Located at, Stanford Event Calendar is Stanford University's central source for event information.  

Visit the Events Calendar on Stanford's English Department website to see the Stanford Events Importer in action. Learn all about using Stanford Events feeds at Using Stanford Events on your Drupal Site

Screenshot of the Stanford Events homepage.

Explore Courses

Located at, the Explore Courses site displays course information for the current year. These courses are from the Stanford Bulletin, the official statement of degree programs and courses of instruction for Stanford University.

Visit the Current Courses page on Stanford's English Department website to see the Stanford Courses feed importer in action. To learn more about importing Stanford Courses see Importing Courses from ExploreCourses

Screenshot of a search on ExploreCourses website.

CAP (Community Academic Profiles)

The Community Academic Profile (CAP) directory features detailed profiles for faculty, students, postdocs, and staff. Along with education and work experience, these profiles can contain detailed information including publications, presentations, and courses taught.

Learn how link to your CAP profile at Linking to a Profile on

Screenshot of the author's profile

Keep your content up-to-date

As you populate your Stanford website, remember that you may be able to import that content and let your feeds keep your data up-to-date.