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Caryl J Westerberg

Caryl J Westerberg's Blog Posts

Create a Page Title From the Views Exposed Filter Term

Suppose you're using taxomomy terms in exposed filters, and you want the resulting page to display one of the the terms as a title. Taxonomy term pages will give this to you very easily, but sometimes the taxonomy term page is not the right solution.  Here's how you can display the taxonomy term as the title of your views page.

Making a copy of a website with the Backup and Migrate Module

Have you ever wanted to try something new on your website, but you were afraid it might go wrong and leave you with a broken site?  Or maybe you want a second website that is is a close match to an existing one? Creating a copy of your live (or "production") site gives you the opportunity to explore changes to its current configuration with less risk. This tutorial will show you how to create a copy (or "development") website using a backup of your production site.