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Caryl J Westerberg

Caryl J Westerberg's Blog Posts

Making a copy of a website with the Backup and Migrate Module

Have you ever wanted to try something new on your website, but you were afraid it might go wrong and leave you with a broken site?  Or maybe you want a second website that is is a close match to an existing one? Creating a copy of your live (or "production") site gives you the opportunity to explore changes to its current configuration with less risk. This tutorial will show you how to create a copy (or "development") website using a backup of your production site.

Getting Started on Sites: What's this "No front page content" about?

Your front page is all ready to go, except you have this funny phrase, "No front page content has been created yet." You've tried everything from moving blocks to crossing your fingers and clenching your teeth and that phrase still pops up. How do you get rid of this?

What Drupal is telling you here is that your site needs a node (a "page") to be assigned as the front page. This is easily fixed.

Handling Spam in Drupal

"Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam".  ~ Monty Python

Named after a lunch meat made of spiced ham, "spam" is used to describe unsolicited and unwanted bulk messages which are usually some sort of advertising. Sure you might be able to find a great deal on sneakers, but left unchecked, these messages clog up our email and fill up the comment sections on websites.

We use spam filters to eliminate these messages from our email, but what do we do about our websites?

Using Stanford Web Forms in Drupal websites

Stanford provides a flexible, easy-to-use web-based form service - a great free resource for site owners.  According to the Web Forms Service website:

"Stanford community members can use the Stanford Web Forms service to make contact forms, short surveys and polls, instructor evaluations, and other forms free of charge. No knowledge of HTML, Javascript, or SQL is required.

Setting Up Accounts, Roles, and Privileges for

Getting a new Drupal site set up takes a few steps before you can begin building your site. Also, Stanford Sites is a little different than other hosting environments. One of the first things to tackle after creating your new site on Stanford Sites is setting up the accounts, roles, and privileges.