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Cynthia Mijares

Cynthia Mijares's Blog Posts

We're looking to hire a student intern!

Are you excited about the web and looking to learn more about how web products and projects unfold? Join the friendly and collaborative Stanford Web Services team! 

Stanford Web Services (SWS) is an on-campus web design and development team offering:

  • web design, development, and production services;
  • oversight of university web branding, including themes and style guidelines; and
  • project consultation and guidance

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Adding Styles to Stanford WYSIWYG

The Stanford WYSIWYG gives the content editor multiple style options to modify the look of their site's content.  Suppose you want the ability to float an image right or left in the content region but it's not in the list of Styles. You can create a CSS Injector rule to target that specific content then make this style available to the WYSIWYG Styles drop-down list. To tackle this example, let's go step-by-step to add the ability to float images right or left in the content region within the WYSIWYG.

Hiding the WebAuth Login Block

Want to hide or move the WebAuth login block on your website? On Stanford Sites the login block is in the left sidebar by default giving the administrator easy access to log in and make changes to their website. As an administrator you have the option to move this block to a different region or completely hide it.  Let's talk about both options and their ramifications.

If you have multiple people collaborating on your site, you may choose to keep the WebAuth Authentication block visible somewhere on the page.

Managing Content on Your Drupal Website

Our team created the Stanford Sites Jumpstart service to help website owners focus their energy on what matters most: their content. To do this, Jumpstart includes a dashboard for simple content maintenance. This "Manage Content" feature offers an overview of all pages in the site and supports updating individual or multiple pages at one time.

Linking to a Profile on

As a guest, has the ability to search by name, email, work phone, or SUNet ID. As an authenticated user, you can check the Search in Stanford view option to see more information. Here's a tip to customize the URL link to a profile page on

Example link to a public listing

This link points to my public profile page in

Drupal permissions based on Workgroups

What happens when the one guy who has access to manage users on your Drupal website leaves? Do you have a team of people that needs to work on the website, but those people change over time? Do they all have a SUNet ID? Take advantage of the Stanford WebAuth Module features and manage access by mapping Stanford workgroups to Drupal roles. 

Learn more about Stanford Workgroups

Styling on Sites: Header Image Fun

Recently a couple of clients wanted to add a background banner image to their site.  This is a great option for a site that is more text heavy.  With the administrator role, you can use CSS injector to make your site look unique.

The instructions listed here refer to themes where header background image is not an option.  If you are using the Stanford Light theme, you can easily add a background image to the header from the theme options.

Preparing the image

There are a couple ways to host your image online: