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Johan Baath

Johan Baath's Blog Posts

My Time at Stanford Web Services

Even though it feels like I have known the SWS team for years, the truth is that I have only been here for two months. The reason it feels that way might be because of the amount of things I’ve learned from my colleagues over the past 8 weeks could be compared to an intense 4-year combined degree in Computer Science/Customer Relations/Project Management. Another reason could be that the amazing people that comprise this team make you feel at home right away.

CSS Injector: How to keep custom styles out of your edit pages

If you're writing CSS Injector styles to adjust the look of your Drupal site, it's easy to accidentally get what I call "CSS bleed" into the administrative experience, which can make things look pretty funky on edit screens. In this tutorial, I'll quickly explain how to avoid overriding the styles of your administration theme.