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Megan Erin Miller

Megan Erin Miller's Blog Posts

Thoughts on Design and Agile

Over the past three years, I have been the sole designer with Stanford Web Services. I like to think that I’ve levelled up the rest of the team to embody user experience best practices and approaches to everything we do, though the reality is that I’ve had to wear many hats: user experience designer, content strategist, visual designer, themer… As our team has grown, this role I’ve played has grown as well, and it’s given me a perspective on how different facets of design fit best for different types of projects.

What's new in Stanford Framework theme, 7.x-3.0

On March 20, we released a major version update to our Stanford-branded, mobile-responsive, Drupal 7 theme, Stanford Framework (read more about the update here). This version includes several new theme options that greatly expand functionality and flexibility of the theme. In this post, I'll highlight ways you can use the new Stanford Framework to create beautiful, customized designs faster.

Rock your Resolution: Tips on self-directed learning

Welcome back! It's a new year, and that means you probably have some New Year's Resolutions on a sticky near your computer (I have about ten). If one of the goals on your list to learn Photoshop or how to code, then as a seasoned overachiever – I mean, self-driven, life-long learner – I've got some tips for you on how to rock your resolution.

Introducing our new Drupal 7 theme, Stanford Light

We are excited to announce the release of a new mobile-responsive, Drupal 7 theme, Stanford Light, available now to all users on Stanford Sites. Stanford Light is a new, flexible theme that allows you to easily customize the look-and-feel of your site using several new theme options. In this post I'll walk you through how to customize Stanford Light on your Drupal site.

New releases for Stanford Drupal themes, September 2014

We are excited to announce the upcoming September release of our updated mobile-responsive Drupal themes:

  • Open Framework 7.x-2.1
  • Stanford Framework 7.x-2.2 *
  • Stanford Wilbur 7.x-2.1 *
  • Stanford Jordan 7.x-2.1 *
  • Stanford Modern 7.x-1.6 and 6.x-1.6 *
  • Stanford Light 7.x-1.1 (New!)
  • Stanford Basic 7.x-1.5 and 6.x-1.5

* Stanford-branded themes are available by request for official university group and department websites.

How I learned the hard way to create reusable classes

Drupal is (in)famous for providing an egregious amount of class selectors to target every layer imaginable in its rendered HTML. Some superstar culprits are Field Collections, Field Groups, and complex Views. When we see so many handy, available selector classes, it's so tempting just to target them directly in your CSS. But today, I want to share a lesson I learned the hard way about why you've just gotta resist that temptation, and instead create reusable classes.