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Megan Erin Miller

Megan Erin Miller's Blog Posts

Overriding Open Framework Styles: Block styles, Sidebar Menus, and Regions

In this post, I continue my series on how to override Open Framework's default styles to get a more custom look-and-feel on your site. Last time we looked at how to override our typography styles. Today, we'll look at a grab bag of other things, including block styles, sidebar menus, and region styles.

Overriding Open Framework Styles: Customizing your Main Menu

In this series of posts, I'm going to share some tricks to quickly override some of Open Framework's default styling, such as the main menu, text, and link styles. For anyone who wants a quick way to get to a custom design on Stanford Sites, these posts should get you started on the right path. In this first post we'll cover how to customize the main menu.

Thoughts on User Experience Intensive 2013

At the beginning of November, I was fortunate to be able to participate in Adaptive Path’s User Experience Intensive (UXI for short). The event consisted of four solid days of workshop-infused learning, where we covered new design principles and tools for design strategy, design research, service design, and interaction design.

Now that I've had a month to let UXI sink in, I wanted to reflect a bit on what I learned, and on the format of the event.

Sites Superstar: Digital Humanities at Stanford

The new Digital Humanities website is a home for discussion and engagement with Digital Humanities at Stanford. Stanford has been active in the Digital Humanities for the last 30+ years, and this activity has been located in many places across campus. The new Digital Humanities website is a place for all these separate groups to come together to share insights and thoughts in the field.